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Syliphone, 40ème anniversaire, Vol. 2


This record’s first track, the inestimable “Souaressi” sent chills down my spine when I first heard it. It is the saddest, most beautiful song imaginable, with a masterful vocal treatment. The disc is worth it for that alone, but the other tunes aren’t too shoddy either.

The collection comes from the archives of the Guinean national record company; these tunes were all released during the 1970s. If you like Salif Keita or Mory Kante (both Malians, but in a similar line), or Bembeya Jazz, you will find a lot to like about this record. “Sassilon” is a great dance orchestra tune.

Volume 1 isn’t a bad record either, but the best tracks are on this one.

Tracks are as follows:

Souaressi- Kouyate Sory Kandia, Djiguinira- Myriam Makeba, Dembaty Galant- Bembeya Jazz, Sassilon- Horoya Band, Gon Bia Bia- Nimba De N’Zerekore, Sensenki- Tele Jazz, Kadia Blues- Orchestre De La Paillotte, Petit Sekou- Bembeya Jazz, Wousse- 22 Band Kankan, PDG Lannata Sine- Ensemble Instrumental De Labe, Mana Mana- Balla Et Ses Balladins, Maderi- Keletigui


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